VeriSmart ID is a sleeve for AppleĀ® iPadĀ® with an integrated chip card reader which can be used for many non-payment applications.

  • + Read standard EMV Visa/MC/AMEX cards for Chip & PIN customer identification
  • + Read National ID/Social Insurance or Military ID chip cards for customer identification
  • + Use for chip card based PKI / Digital Signature encryption/decryption applications
  • + Implement Closed or Open Loop chip card based sales, ordering & delivery applications
  • + Implement KYC & Customer On Boarding applications



+ Simple one-piece design
+ Easy to fit & remove
+ Support for charging iPad
+ Supports T0, T1 & Class A,B,C
+ 255bytes flash user memory
+ Upgrade firmware via USB


EMV Level 1 / LTIC / BSMI / MFi
CE / FCC / RoHS / FIPS 140-2

More Information

Download Verisoft VeriSmartID Datasheet VeriSmartID Datasheet

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