Power EMV

Power EMV is the state of the art EMV personalisation system designed to be used with all kinds of embossers and smart cards.

Power EMV works seamlessly with de-facto industry standard THALES P3 software which has been chosen by 80% of the EMV issuing banks and processing centers around the world.

It is designed as a natural extension of the P3 system which works with a specially designed hardware crypto module P3CMX00 to generate EMV data structures that are subsequently injected into the cards. In this regard P3 generates a universal EMV data agnostic of the embosser and card to be used and Power EMV which takes this data set and moves it into the card using the embosser.

Verisoft Power EMV software can be used for issuance of EMV cards in full mode handling all necessary fields and verifications required for authorisation with Datacard, NBS, CIM and Matica embossers.

Verisoft PowerEMV provides two major EMV issuance requirements of EMV card personalisation process and consultancy for card management system software modifications.

EMV card personalisation process is solved in a modular approach using EMV personalisation preparation system from Thales P3 using Thales P3CM-200 host security modules. This system is placed in embosser/encoders and bank’s card management system (CMS) on a Windows 2000 Server.

The input file for this system is expected to come from the issuer bank’s card management system and fed into the Thales P3 software which will generate a standardised EMV card personalisation data output file according to the profile selected by the bank.

Verisoft PowerEMV module takes this output file generated by Thales P3 and chip personalisation process by direct communication with the embosser.

Blank EMV cards taken by the embosser under the control of the PowerEMV module running on a Windows 2000 Workstation produces the finished card. All of these procedures are running as easy to use graphical Windows GUI processes.