Metro Bank UK selects Verisoft InstantEMV

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Verisoft have developed a fully integrated instant issuance system for Metro Bank UK with Temenos T24 and VocaLink to instantly issue chip cards with customer selected PINs using MagTek ExpressCard EMV desktop instant issuance printer.

InstantEMV works with the Thales P3 system to instantly generate EMV data on spot after receiving the card production order from Temenos T24 account opening screen via VocaLink and fully personalizes the card within 3 minutes

"We're going to open accounts in 15 minutes and immediately give you credit and debit cards. You'll be able to walk out with them and if you lose your card, we'll replace it on the spot. Our job is to eliminate every stupid bank rule we can find."

Vernon Hill - Vice Chariman and co-founder of Metro Bank
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Verisoft Europe managed the project to deliver a seamless solution on time succesfully to Metro Bank which has started a banking revolution in UK where customers are used to waiting for more than 2 weeks to receive their new cards or for getting replacement cards when they are lost, stolen or damaged.

Verisoft InstantEMV also provides the capability of PIN change within Metro Bank branches if the customer wishes at any time. This is for more friendly approach for customers who may have difficulty to do the same on the ATMs.

Customers can also a get a replacement card within minutes from any Metro Bank Branch for maximum convenience.

Eurobank EFG: EMV Instant Card Personalisation

Verisoft has been awarded an order from one of the top banks in Greece, Eurobank EFG for both the PowerEMV and InstantEMV products. This is so as to be able to start producing EMV cards in house using 10 local smartcard couplers. The Gemalto eGalleon G2 cards will be used with 250 different credit and debit products issued by the bank.
An interesting aspect of this project is the implementation of an inline EMV-Magstripe-Optical quality control check using a special camera and image recognition systems and Verisoft’s inline EMV verification system to achieve very high level of reliability and the elimination of embarrassing distribution mistakes.
Eurobank EFG was selected as “Best Bank in Greece” in the 2008 Euromoney Awards for Excellence. EFG Eurobank Ergasias is the third largest bank in Greece with more than 300 branches throughout the country.
It is part of Spiro Latsis group of companies. EFG Eurobank Ergasias is based in Athens, Greece.

BKME Kuwait - EMV Instant Card Personalisation

bkme logoVerisoft received a land mark order from the leading Kuwaiti bank BKME for both the InstantEMV and PowerEMV products.

BKME wished to start producing EMV cards in house, within 25 branches, providing Instantly Issued personalised bank cards to all new customers.
Oberthur cards will be used for the various credit and debit products issued by the bank.
An interesting aspect of this project is the implementation of distributed issuance at the branches. The customer will visit the branch, make a card request and within seconds a new card will be issued which can be used immediately.

Mashreqbank EMV Project


Headquartered in Dubai, MASHREQBANK is the best bank of the UAE according to EUROMONEY.

Verisoft is contracted to provide the software for EMV card migration for this innovative bank in Dubai, UAE. Verisoft PowerEMV will be driving CIM COMBI 1000 and MF 6000 card personalisation machines to produce VISA VSDC and MASTERCARD MCHIP cards with Welcome Realtime XLS Loyalty software.

eXtended Loyalty System : XLS from WRT is also used by AKBANK for the AXESS product in Turkey is an advanced loyalty solution and in this implementation Verisoft will be merging state of the art EMV payment functions VISA VSDC and MASTERCARD MCHIP into the same card to handle both secure payment transactions while earning bonus points.

Verisoft have taken the challenge of this project to be completed in a short time frame with certification from VISA for EMV and from WRT for XLS.

Verisoft matched this challenge by completing the certification with the prescribed tight deadlines and the bank has been licensed by Visa to become the first issuer in UAE to produce in house its own EMV chip cards.

In the second phase of this project MASTERCARD MCHIP will be certified the same way and this project have also started.

Project includes partners in UK, BELGIUM, DENMARK, GERMANY and FRANCE; and local Verisoft partner in UAE provides in house customer support during implementation and certification phase. A truly multinational standards based software development and qualification project.

It is also one of the first multiapplication chip card project in the world including best of breed components from Visa and Welcome Realtime.


Verisoft major undertaking in Bosnia Herzegovina is the turnkey development and provision of software and hardware systems to BAMCARD, the national switch center which is partnership of more than fifteen BiH banks such as ABS, UPI, IKB, Tuzlanska, Volksbank, Raiffeisen, CPB, and Ziraat Bosnia.

Established in 1999, BAMCARD is designed to be the processing center for debit, credit, stored value cards and network switching center for all BiH banks as well as other companies needing card services for different purposes. VISA certification process has been accomplished on February 2004.

Verisoft POWERCARDIX V2 software running on ORACLE is used for managing client and merchant accounts, issuing and accepting cards, switching transactions for POS and ATM terminals, and clearing/settlement services. POWERCARDIX is a client/server application developed with PowerBuilder GUI client side and ORACLE / C++ server side.

BAMCARD is equipped with two high speed HEWLETT PACKARD UNIX systems with FAULT TOLERANT MC/SERVICE GUARD architecture, two systems backing up each other for NON-STOP operation.

Another HP system is present for back office functions. These systems are networked over BiH TELEKOM FRAME RELAY service at 2 MBPS with ISDN backup interconnecting all banks and VERISOFT FAST ACCESS CONTROLLER DEVICE for systems are placed on the field in DIAL UP mode.

BAMCARD provides card issuing services using its DATACARD machines for all sorts of magnetic stripe and smart cards. It is also possible to produce color photo ID cards with special holographic security overlays along with banking cards.

BAMCARD has very high speed mailing machines for sending forms, letters and statements to clients and merchants.

It will provide mailing services to whoever requires such services BAMCARD will provide connection, switching and monitoring services for POS and ATM terminals providing online sale of goods and services as well as cash dispensing for both domestic card holder and international customers.