Magtek ExpressCard EMV

Verisoft Instant EMV and Magtek working together to bring Instant issuance of credit, debit, pre-pay and contactless payment technologies to the bank branch.

Magtek’s ExpressCard EMV instant issuance card printer & embosser is supported by Verisoft Instant EMV as used by MetroBank

Magtek Expresscard EMV

The ExpressCard EMV is Magtek‘s proven hardware platform for secure, branch based instant card issuance. It is a full colour double sided card printer, embosser and magnetic + smart card + contactless encoder all in one. ExpressCard EMV allows custom printed EMV Chip and PIN cards to be issued instantly via bank branches, retail outlets or mobile sales locations

Card User Benefits

  • Local Issuance of EMV Chip and PIN cards
  • Card user can select their own PIN at point of issue
  • Card User can use any photo/image of their choice
  • Card is ready to use instantly

Card Issuer Benefits

  • Reduced postage costs
  • Zero postal fraud
  • Zero card activation call centre costs
  • Customer selected PINs reduce dormant accounts
  • Re-issuing costs greatly reduced
  • Exceeds Visa and Mastercard security standards
  • Secure data preparation and management
  • Secure distribution and card stock management
  • No requirement for tipping or indent print supplies
  • Modular solution can adopt existing branch hardware.

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