Instant EMV

Verisoft InstantEMV solution for instant issuance of EMV multi-application cards at branch offices.

Verisoft InstantEMV is a complete instant card issuance solution which connects to any existing or any preferred card management system, and to your core banking system via one of the industry standard interfaces and exchanges required data automatically.

Verisoft InstantEMV is capable of using a wide range of computer to computer communication methods such as ISO 8583 or XML.

Instant EMV - Instant Card Issuance Process Flowchart

End to end secure system

Verisoft InstantEMV delivers data over the network with end to encrypted data packets based on SSL and with RSA / 3DES crypto algorithms.

MULTOS cards are issued with inherent PKI security as all the payload is sent encrypted from Thales P3.

JAVA and NATIVE card data is sent 3DES encrypted with RSA Key Exchange and branch embosser such as the Magtek ExpressCard EMV is driven from central server under HSM control.

Every authorised user will be assigned a branch system access control based on a smart ID card. The system will go into production only after this card is inserted to the reader and correct PIN code is entered on the keypad.

Download Verisoft Instant EMV -  Instant Card Issuance Brochure Instant Card Issuance Brochure Download Verisoft Instant EMV -  Instant Card Issuance Datasheet Instant EMV Datasheet