Instant EMV Overview

Verisoft InstantEMV is the state of the art solution for the
instant issuance of EMV multi-application cards at branch offices.

Designed to work with your system, InstantEMV can be integrated with any card management or back office system.

InstantEMV can be used to issue any kind of chip or magnetic stripe card with payment, loyalty, healthcare, ID or e-purse applications in one pass.

It is designed to work with THALES P3 Server which is the worldwide de facto standard for EMV data preparation.

TCP/IP networking standard is used to connect the branches to a central server which communicates with P3 and your CMS to exchange data in both ways to produce customer’s card in a few seconds.

Key Features

  • Instant Issuing
  • Java Open Platform cards
  • Multos Multi-application cards
  • Supports all leading native cards
  • Web based branch system
  • TCP/IP Networking
  • Microsoft .NET platform
  • Simple workflow and operation
  • Reduced operational costs
  • No mailing or distribution costs
  • Customers select their own PIN
  • Connects to your existing CMS
  • Supports Magtek ExpressCard 1000
  • EMV + Loyalty + ePurse + Health
  • Colour photo ID cards
  • Advanced crypto security
  • Smart Card Life Cycle Management
  • Supports Contactless Cards

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